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Information for participants

The Rommelroute is the perfect opportunity to sell your (unnecessary) stuff. The sniffing public will stroll along all participating addresses on foot in search of fun things. Create your own 'shop' in your home, garden or in front of the door. Decorate your home so that your participation is visible. Alone, together with the neighbors or with friends and family from outside the center.


The Rommel Route will take place on Sunday 18 September 2022, when residents of the Dordrecht historic city center will organize the 4th Dordrecht Rommel Route. Between 9:30 and 17:00, participants can present their belongings in front of their own home.



The layout of the event area is determined by the participants. We will indicate the area in which the activities take place. The event area is the orange part on the accompanying map. If you live outside the event area, unfortunately participation is not possible. It is not allowed to stand somewhere in a random place (pavement), without registering with your own home address.









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After registration the participants will receive a mention on the map that is provided to the visitors and an I participate 'flyer for your facade or window

Registration is necessary to participate and costs € 7.50.

This is a contribution for publicity, your address will be mentioned on the participants' map


Rules and conditions

Rules and conditions have been drawn up to ensure that the junk route runs successfully.

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