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Covid-19 measures


Measures that we adhere to together are:

  • Always keep 1.5 meters away, at addresses and with visitors, give each other space

  • One-way streets, small streets are designated as one-way streets, as can be seen from the poster with arrows

  • COVID check fill out the questionnaire with the QR poster on the poster or here to see if you have any complaints

  • Do not participate in the junk route with possible complaints or a red screen at the COVID check

  • Try to avoid crowded places, don't go to an address  true  it's already very busy wait  until  it's getting quieter

  • Pay or pin as much as possible with appropriate money

  • Participants address visitors on behaviour

  • notify the organization if the rules are not observed by visitors or if there are congestion.

  • The organization regularly visits the addresses to check that there are no congestion and that the rules must be observed

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